The college application is the infrastructure on which to build a student's story. Some students come into the process knowing what they want to write about; others may be idealess. Using my proprietary web-based survey, I work with each student to pull out the seeds they may not know are there. Every student has a story to tell, and after years of experience with students around the globe, I know how to help them find their story and write it to the best of their ability.


Upon solicitation of my services, your student will receive a link to my web-based survey that when filled in will provide me with the information needed to match the current Common Application essay questions with ideas for your student's essay.


After the answers have been received and analyzed, I will send the student an email that includes at least three ideas to consider. Upon the selection of a topic, your student will receive a customized "Road Map" that will provide them with specific guidelines on crafting their first draft. At this point, we can set up a Facetime session to discuss the documents.


After your student completes his or her first draft, it gets submitted for review. I will promptly send back a full edit with comments and suggestions, which your student will use to write their second draft. Most students complete their essay after two or three drafts.


I charge $250/hour, and most students use about 2 - 3 hours of my time.

Content Writing/Editing

If your child has already completed their first draft, I can step in with edits, ideas and suggestions. In addition, once the common application essay is complete, I can help with a plan regarding supplementals and how to re-use and re-purpose essays so that your student doesn't reinvent the wheel for each school on their list.


All work with students is done via email, google docs and facetime sessions. High school seniors are busy, and working together virtually allows them to work when it fits their schedule best. Edits are almost always returned within one day of receipt. 


I charge $250/hour