Our Story


I started Expat Essay because I was in the same situation you find yourself in now.  Your child is about to apply to college, and the application process seems daunting. Most students will need to write at least a Common Application essay, and some students can have up to ten additional supplementals. At this point in their high school career, your student's GPA and their standardized test scores aren't likely to change.  However, there is still something crucial they can do to boost their chances of admission success; write the best Common Application essay possible. All things being equal, an excellent essay can send your student's application into the accepted pile. 


MFA graduates are the perfect essay consultants as we've spent years mastering the ability to write with a clear voice. Your child's essay needs to be more than just well written; it needs to tell a story, in their words, that's engaging and invites the college admissions officer to get to know them - all of this in only 650 words! 


Jeremiah Quinlan, Yale's Dean of Undergraduate Admissions says about the application essay, "It’s the one part of the application where they completely control the voice, and that makes it a really valuable document for us.  When you’re applying to an institution with thousands of students who have the same general academic and testing credentials, those things only get you in the door. The rest of the application will separate you out.”



Expat Essay's mission is to help high school seniors find their story and tell it in their unique voice. I honor diversity and feel strongly that every student, regardless of their life experience, has an interesting story to tell.