" When I made the decision to transfer to New York University from Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, I was completely overwhelmed. The transfer application process was nothing like applying to colleges from high school as I didn't have guidance counsellors to guide me every step of the way. When it came to the essay portion of the application, I needed an experienced writer to provide me with some direction. I turned to Lisa because I knew that she had helped many of my peers on their essays and I respect and trust her opinion. She began by helping me walk through my ideas and once I had finished writing my essay she edited the paper for minor details. Not only did she assist me with the essay, she provided me with invaluable advice on the application process in general, and for that I am grateful."

Serena Peters, NYU 

"Even though our daughter was an honor student and had great ideas for her college essay she just couldn’t organized her thoughts properly.  After working with Lisa Jardine at Expat Essay her final essay was fabulous and a key factor in getting her admitted to Elon University."

Gina Giordano

"Lisa Jardine was a huge help with both of my daughters’ college application essays. Both daughters currently attend Claremont McKenna College: my oldest, now a senior, applied early decision, my youngest, now a sophomore, was accepted or waitlisted at six of the nine schools she applied to. In their college essays it was important to capture the essence of their unique expat lives having lived in eight countries over the twelve years of their schooling. They each wrote their essays and sent them to Lisa via email. Since Lisa understands the benefits and the challenges of an expat student, she edited, helped structure, and more importantly suggested ways to highlight their special lives in their short essays.
I would highly recommend Lisa Jardine to any high school senior writing their essay, but especially for an expat student. Lisa’s expat experience gives her a perspective that is critical to an expat high school student.
Thank you Lisa for helping my daughters get GREAT results."

D'Anna Keinan

"Ms. Jardine offers spot-on advice for improving, rather than changing essays.  She places the need to maintain the writer's voice as the highest priority, which is critical in college applications.  The end result?  An authentic and well written essay sure to capture the attention of any college admissions team!"  Mason - WashU in St. Louis 

I was at a loss as to how to improve my son's college essay without affecting his voice. We asked Lisa to just take a look and let us know what she thought. She made some excellent suggestions such as changing the first sentence to be more captivating, deleting sentences to avoid redundancy and fixing some grammatical and punctuation errors. The end result turned a decent essay to a truly impressive one! We were so grateful for her invaluable help. Our son got into to his first choice school in part due to Lisa's "edits".

Cris Hernandez (David, Bentley College)

Lisa Jardine did a masterful job with my son’s essay for his college application. She encouraged him to write his draft with his own ideas in mind and worked carefully to clarify the message without losing the spirit of the piece. Lisa worked well with my son- treating him like an adult and respectful of his ideas while incorporating hers. The whole process was easy and quickly accomplished- I highly recommend her for your college applicant!

Jen Horne

"Lisa helped me by giving me her one-on-one attention. We slowly broke down my essays and helped make it short and interesting without taking away the parts that represented who I am. She's the best in the business."

Fannely Valerio, Bronx Academy of Letters 

Lisa is amazing at drawing out the best in everyone.  

It is not always easy to communicate with teenagers let

alone pull ideas out of them for an essay but Lisa can do it!

Julie Killian (Mother of Tucker, Notre Dame Class)